Why BJP beats Congress in political duels | 10 points

With political rallies, marches, meetings and sessions of Parliament out of the picture due to Covid-19 pandemic, political duels between the BJP and the Congress found more fertile ground on social media platforms. The Congress has upped its ante against the Narendra Modi government on issues of Covid-19 management, migrant crisis, India-China border dispute and everything else that it found of some political use.

Except on Delhi riots and somewhat on the issue of Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), the BJP has found a way or two to come back harder at the Congress. The Congress-BJP duel is again flaring up in the backdrop of heightened tension at India-China Line of Actual Control (LAC).

1. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi launched sharp attack on the Modi government over coronavirus lockdown, resultant migrant crisis and exit strategy. He went out to meet some migrants on Delhi streets, tweeted comparative graphics to question the unlock strategy of the Modi government.

2. The BJP, the government think tanks and agencies came back with research models to declare how “timely” enforcement of lockdown saved thousands of lives, delayed Covid-19 peak to give state governments time to ramp up their preparation to fight the pandemic.

3. Special Covid-19 package and repackage worth Rs 21 lakh crore were announced to ease lives of the poor and business of the rich alike. The interventions seem to have worked with MNREGA showing highest-ever demands in May. The Congress’s charge was blunted in public discourse.

4. Rahul Gandhi and Congress president Sonia Gandhi departed from other Opposition leaders in publicly questioning Prime Minister Narendra Modi over reported Chinese incursions in Ladakh. Rahul Gandhi posted satellite images and news reports to put the Modi government in the dock over the issue.

5. PM Modi held an all-party meet not a regular thing for this government except customary ones at the commencement of Parliament sessions to brief the Opposition on India-China border tension. He rejected reports of loss of land to China. The Congress questioned why PM Modi’s statement was welcomed in China. BJP leaders referred to PM Modi’s “sacrifice won’t go in vain” remark and asked the Congress why it is soft on China.

6. The BJP came back sharply to remind the Congress of its historical “folly” of 1950s and 1960s, when China acquired Aksai Chin that is almost the size of Switzerland. This has been a weak point for the Congress for last six decades. A young…

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