Unresolved leadership issue back to haunt Congress, internal rift grows

The unresolved top-level leadership issue is back to haunt the Congress again as the party continues to witness more resignations among its regional leaders.

Congress national spokesperson Sanjay Jha recently vented his frustration over recent desertions in Gujarat by MLAs to flag the crisis.

“Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and now Gujarat, reflects the growing sense of insecurity among leaders about the party’s future which nobody is willing to address,” Jha told India Today TV.

Dissatisfaction among the party’s top brass has set off a fresh volley of allegations between Congress leaders.

Reacting to Sanjay Jha’s comments, former Union minister Ajay Maken during a presser on Sunday took a swipe at his former colleague in UPA government and Anandpur Sahib MP Manish Tiwari, who co-penned a column with Jha recently.

On Tuesday, Manish Tiwari said Jha was handpicked as national spokesperson while Maken was heading the Congress’s media department.

After Sandeep Dixit, now Congress’ National Spokesperson Sanjay Jha has challenged the status quo in the party after repeated poll losses.

Talking to India Today TV, Jha stuck to his comments published in a leading daily earlier this week which has raised a storm within the party.

He said it looks like nobody in the party is in a hurry to sort out things.

Even after a year has passed since the last Lok Sabha polls, the party is functioning with an interim President, Jha said. While he was upset with the Congress Working Committee (CWC), Jha praised senior Congress leader Rahul Gandhi who took moral responsibility for the election loss.

Sanjay Jha said after Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and now Gujarat, the MLAs and leaders are deserting the party.

“There is a sense in insecurity and these people are leaving because they are unsure about the party’s future,” he said.

“This is not Vajpayee’s BJP, it’s a formidable opponent we have to fight against but listlessness has crept in and it is disappointing.”

Jha added that the party urgently needs to do a serious review of its poll performance since it made way for the NDA government at the Centre in 2014.

In his own assessment, however, Jha said the Congress has not conducted a single meeting to discuss the issues that it faces.

He added that the AK Antony committee report on poll reverses in 2014 was never seriously discussed.

“Same happened after 2019 loss, while there is an urgent need to discuss political strategies, allies, fundraising and reducing bureaucracy within the…

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