Tamil Nadu: YouTuber targeted for asking questions against EIA 2020

The environmental impact assessment 2020 (EIA draft 2020) has caused a stir across the country with several actors, activists and the general public speaking against it. In Tamil Nadu, while actors like Surya, Karti raised their objections for the draft, one of the videos that went viral was the passionate speech against the draft by a YouTuber called Chennai Thamizhachi.

Padma Priya, aka Chennai Thamizhachi, in her video not only objected to the draft but also raised several questions against the government and its intentions with the draft.

While Padma Priya was appreciated by a section in the state, she was victim to several personal attacks. Soon after, Padma Priya took the video down and put up another video explaining her decision to delete the video on EIA 2020.

After her video went viral, Padma Priya had to face personal attacks, threats and political pressure. The young woman was also alleged to be associated with a certain political party and this motivated her to speak against the act.

Clarifying all these claims, Padma Priya in her most recent video said that the continued harassment was the reason for her decision. Her family and friends were also mentally harassed for the video that Padma Priya had posted criticising the EIA 2020 giving details about the draft and the cons in it.

Speaking about those who trolled her, she said, “For the trolls EIA is not the content, for them the main content is me now. But the real problem is not me, and it should be whether the EIA is good or bad for the people.”

She further said, “Rather than targeting me they should focus on answering my questions. I have raised my question in a country which has democratic rights.”

Padma Priya faced online bullying from many including BJP leader Kalyan who posted a tweet seeking the YouTuber’s personal details to be sent to him. Several lewd remarks were made against her and her words were belittled saying she was a person posting beauty videos.

Padma Priya had uploaded the video on social media on EIA draft 2020 after the Delhi High Court sort for public response on the draft, which was to be collected by the Centre by August 11. Padma Priya had even urged the public to speak up and spread the word about the draft.

Actor Surya on his Twitter had also urged people to speak up on the issue. Surya said, “Silence is a bigger danger than the spoken words. Let’s protect our environment, let’s break our silence.”

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