India should reclaim Aksai Chin; need to expedite border projects: Ladakh MP

The recent standoff between India and China has led to several concerns among residents living in border areas of eastern Ladakh, as the neighbouring country continues to deepen its foothold with the deployment of additional troops and weaponry in the area.

While Indian and Chinese troops have disengaged at least three locations in Ladakh, India remains concerned by Chinese aggression over the past few days, especially in the middle of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Offering his views on the recent development between Indian and Chinese forces, Ladakh MP Jamyang Tsering Namgyal said there is a need to expedite border development projects in Ladakh to encourage residents to live in their villages all year round.

The BJP MP, who lashed out against Congress leader Rahul Gandhi yesterday, has also backed Home Minister Amit Shah statement that India should work towards reclaiming Aksai Chin area.

He added that the Shaksgam Valley, which Pakistan ceded to China in 1963 to settle differences, is also Indian territory.

When asked if it would be possible to reclaim the areas after such a long gap, Namgyal said, “It will undoubtedly be difficult but not impossible.”

When asked why China was showing aggression at a time when it is facing international pressure over several issues, Namgyal said this has been going on for a long time and added that lack of development in forward border areas of Ladakh has led to Chinese aggression.

“The forward policy envisioned by Nehru ji (Jawaharlal Nehru) for India is only a paper policy right now. We (India) kept moving back one step at a time and China capitalised on that and kept moving forward.”

“People from the government in Delhi have to understand one thing about the border policy. All the resident civilians living in villages in border areas have to be encouraged to settle permanently by creating strong infrastructures like electricity, medical facilities, telecom towers and roads.”

“This will help us create a landmark and permanent villages. Though we have villages now, they are discouraged to live permanently as they do not have medical facilities nor educational institutes,” he added.

He said the entire world including India is progressing with technologies advancements and questioned: “Why should educated youngsters living in Ladakh live there without any facilities?”

Namgyal said if India has to strengthen its borders, the government has to focus on infrastructure development.

He said the entire country…

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