Caught on camera: Video of BJP leader Sonali Phogat beating official in Haryana goes viral

Caught on camera: Video of BJP leader Sonali Phogat beating official in Haryana goes viral

Bharatiya Janata Party leader Sonali Phogat has landed in a controversy as a video fo her beating an official in Haryana’s Hisar district has gone viral. The video shows her beating Balsamand Market Committee Secretary Sultan Singh.

Sonali Phogat is a TikTok star-turned-BJP leader and had contested the 2019 Haryana assembly elections from Adampur and lost to Congress’s Kuldeep Bishnoi.

In the video, Sonali Phogat can be heard accusing Sultan Singh of abusing her. “Am I working to hear abuses from people like you? Do I not have the right to a dignified life. You …you have no right to live,” she says in an undated video.

Phogat then goes on to tell the police that Singh used “indecent, derogatory language” while talking to her earlier.

Police officials were present at the time of the incident but they did not try to stop Phogat from beating the market official.

According to reports, Sonali Phogat and Sultan Singh earlier had a heated discussion as farmers alleged that Sultan Singh was creating hurdles in the procurement process.

Sonali Phogat defends herself

The BJP leader has said that she had reached out to the village’s market committee to help resolve farmers’ grievances related to difficulties in crop sales and lack of a shed to protect stocks from rain.

Sonali Phogat has alleged that while she was discussing the matter with him, Market Committee Secretary Sultan Singh started misbehaving with her and started calling her names. The BJP leader said that Sultan Singh made unfounded allegations against her which were indecent. She said she lost her cool and hit Sultan Singh to teach him a lesson in respecting women.

Phogat’s people held me at gunpoint: Sultan Singh

However, Sultan Singh narrates a different version of the story. According to him, when he learnt that Sonali Phogat had come to the market he attended her and heard her concerns. Sultan Singh said he noted down all her requests and assured a quick action.

“But then suddenly, Sonali Phogat called me on the side alone and accused me of rebelling against her during assembly elections and started beating me,” Sultan Singh said, adding that she later made up the story about him abusing her.

In the video, Sultan Singh can be seen telling the cops that he has noted down everything Phogat asked her to do, including building a…

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