Babar Azam needs to bring out aggression like Virat Kohli: Former Pakistan batsman Aamer Sohail

Former Pakistan batsman Aamer Sohail has heaped rich praise on Virat Kohli, saying Virat Kohli is not just a great player but his greatness helps inspire people around him.

Aamer Sohail, who scored more than 7000 international runs in 47 Tests and 156 ODIs, said Babar Azam needs to inspire his teammates like Virat Kohli to become a truly great player for Pakistan.

Aamer Sohail said there are players who are great but their greatness doesn’t have an impact on their team. However, Sohail pointed out that Javed Miandad was a Pakistan great who had a massive impact on his teammates.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, Aamer Sohail explained the attributes which he felt made Virat Kohli become what he has — a great player.

“This is a very important thing. There are big players. There are individually great players but there is no use for the team due to their greatness,” Aamer Sohail said.

“When you are talking about greatness in Pakistan cricket, the first player that comes to your mind in Javed Miandad. He is great because he helped increase the level of players around him. When you have a long partnership with him, you get inspired, you want to improve more.

“That is what Virat Kohli has done. People around him are raising the levels of their game. This is why Kohli has the ‘great player’ tag.

“If you talk about Babar Azam, he has all these qualities. He has the talent, he has the desire to become better and he is coachable.

“He has to make his teammates better. For that, he has to work hard and improve his level of the game. Along with that he has to inspire the other players. He has to give confidence to the other players. He has to give confidence to others.

“He has helped create a good environment. If you see, India has a very good dressing room environment.”

Several interactions between experts and former players during the lockdown has touched upon the topic of Babar Azam and Virat Kohli and the similarities between the two players.

Babar Azam himself said he doesn’t want to be compared with Virat Kohli as he believes the India captain and him are different in their approach.

Kohli is very calm from inside: Sohail

Meanwhile, Aamer Sohail said Babar Azam needs to develop an aggressive outlook to instill fear in the bowlers’ minds, pointing out that Virat Kohli is a master at it.

Sohail said Virat Kohli looks aggressive on the outside but is ‘very calm’ from inside when it comes to handling pressure situations.

“They both have quite similar attitudes, and have the…

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